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Nutritional Supplements

I recommend the use of nutritional supplements to enhance my clients' training results. I recommend good quality high protein products. Below are nutritional supplements that I personally use and recommend to my clients:

Glutamine Supplement
Pure Glutamine, a flavorless, easy-mixing, pure, free amino acid formula. Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle and is heavily metabolized under intense training conditions. Clinical studies reveal that Glutamine supplementation can help support recovery after intense training by promoting energyrepletion, maintaining a healthy immune system and maximizing your body’s buffering capacity against acid build-up.

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whey protein powder
America's #1-selling whey protein powder has beaten out 42 other sports supplements to become the only protein powder worldwide to achieve the "Gold Medal - Best of Taste" award. Now fitness enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy drinking the many benefits inside each delicious serving of Designer ProteinTM.

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OneWay peanut butter whey protein energy bar
Muscle minded people like you are braking to check out the latest breakthrough in protein candy bars from the makers of America's #1 protein, Designer WheyTM. Introducing new OneWay, the world's first peanut butter whey protein energy bar. Packed with 30g of high quality protein - powered by Designer Whey.

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Designer Whey Protein
Designer Whey's New "JOYRIDE"... You're not dreaming. Fantasy meets reality in this fusion of candy and protein. A combination of sweet coconut, roasted almonds, and rich chocolaty flavor packed with 30 grams of high quality protein. Powered by Designer Whey Protein. Based on the success of DETOUR, U-TURN, and ONEWAY.

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caramel whey protein energy bar
From the makers of Detour Bars come U-Turn Bars. That’s right! Welcome to the next generation of protein bars! Yes! U-TURN BARS, the world’s first caramel whey protein energy bar, will make you do an about face - call it what you want, this bar delivers the protein pleasure you can measure. The U-Turn Bar's rich milk chocolate meets creamy caramel in this collision of protein and candy.

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Designer Whey protein
Now enjoy Detour® in four new "wheys" you never thought possible! Guaranteed to leave your hard working body satisfied...all thanks to Designer Whey™ - America's #1 selling protein since 1993.

Each delicious new flavor packs 30g of high quality protein. Try White Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, S'mores and a Low Sugar version of the original.

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If you are looking to buy nutritional supplements on the net, try this site:

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